Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm back...

Well...August and September sure were interesting months.  School has started wonderfully, my students are pretty great, and I have been feeling not great.

Sorry the blog was neglected!  Some days (and months), you just have to survive.

Back to regularly scheduled programming:


My students love the idea of playing bingo.  And then we start playing, and it's actually a pretty quiet game, and I just walk around working with individual students.  But they ask, so we play.

I used to use an Excel template I downloaded somewhere.  It was great.  My only issues with it: 1) Sometimes math expressions don't work well in Excel, and 2) Every student received a different board (generated by the template), but many of the boards were really similar, so several people would win at once. 

A few weeks ago my Calculus students asked to play bingo.  So we did.  But they are cut-throat competitive, so I looked for a new Bingo card generator.

I ended up using Print-Bingo.com.  I typed up my 25 problems (finding derivatives) in Excel, copied them into the 'Word List' and printed 30 different boards for class.  Worked great and was easy for me to do!  I hope you find this resource useful!

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