Thursday, October 22, 2015

Poof Books

I have found a few uses for poof books.  My students are amazed by the small book they are able to make.  I like being able to refer to a specific page in the book as we solve problems.

I use poof books in Algebra with solving systems of equations - our 3 methods fit perfectly in the 3 'pages' inside the book.  I also used them recently with Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities.  They were great!

I created a template for this book, so I could type in the 'rules' for dealing with absolute values.  We do spend a good amount of time discussing why these absolute value problems have 2 parts to their solutions.  My students are pretty good at understanding the big picture...And then they try to solve problems on their own.  They forget to isolate the absolute value bars.  They forget to follow the 'rule' for changing the absolute value into two parts of their solution.  And they just assume that if one part is x > 3 (for example,) that the other part will always be x < -3.  Sorry kids, not that easy.

So, we made a poof book.  It has a page each for dealing with =, </≤, and >/≥.  Then the back lists the STEPS FOR SOLVING.  We refer to these most.

Overall, I'm happy with the books.  Except any time we use any guided note aid, students want to use them on the test.  Sorry kids, just you and your brain on this one.

If you've never made one, be sure to check out some directions for poof books here.

An inside page.  I type the rule, students write an example.
The back cover - step by step!

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