Friday, July 24, 2015

Recapping an AP Summer Institute

As I mentioned before, I will be taking on two levels of Calculus this year.  My school has taught AP Calc for many years, and the wonderful Honors teacher retired this year.  So, I picked up AP (AB).  We also finally decided to add a regular-level Calc class, which I will be starting this year.

The retiring teacher gave me some advice about teaching AP, and #1 on his list was "Get to a summer institute".  I am so happy my school listened to his advice and made arrangements for me to attend.

I attended a 4-day institute at an Ohio college, which was co-taught by an experienced high-school teacher and a college professor/AP test reader.  They were a great pair, giving us tons of insight into teaching methods and mathematical processes.  The course was for both new and experienced AP teachers, giving us newbies a chance to pick everyone's brains. 

This course was mentally tough! I took Calc through Differential Equations in college, and I have tutored here and there, but it had been years since I sat down and worked on Calculus.  In the first three days of the conference, the instructors essentially retaught us ALL of AP Calc AB!  I was drained and starting to feel overwhelmed.  The final day of the course, we discussed logistics such as submitting syllabi, pacing, test prep, and extensions.  It was a whirlwind of a week, and I am so happy for it.

I left ready to tackle planning.  In the weeks since,  I have started prepping my notes, planned my year and syllabus, and gathered resources for test prep questions.  I am (close to!) ready for this challenge!

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