Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fun and Color for High School

My students start school in less than two weeks.  I'm getting nervous-excited and crossing items off my summer to-do list left and right.  One thing I've been working on the past two weeks is setting up my classroom.

No one else in my building is setting up their classrooms.  This is not elementary school.  One reason might be that some of the teachers have been at the school a while and their classrooms are probably ready to go.  I, on the other hand, left nothing on my walls when I left in May.  I wanted a fresh start to give me room to for creativity.  Plus, last year was my first year in my own classroom (AKA off the dreaded cart), so I just went with a lot of what the last teacher had.

My sister is helping me set up my classroom Monday, so I should have some pics to share then, but that's not my focus today.

Today, I want to get people's thoughts on fun and color in the high school classroom.  My husband's thoughts when he saw some of my posters? "You should teach kindergarten."  My brother-in-law? "My classrooms never looked like that."

Maybe other high school classrooms don't look like mine - but I want color and excitement!  I want students to be able to find things easily because they're labeled, and I want them to feel slightly more at home.  I remember the days of apartment living when I couldn't really decorate, and I don't like it! I enjoy looking at a brightly colored room, and I think my students do too. 

What do you think?  Best left to grade schools, or perfect for secondary?

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