Sunday, August 2, 2015

MathMilla Facts

My students know a lot about me.  I tell them about my weekends, about my summers, about what I think about the world.  I feel like it's easier to learn from someone you (semi) like/respect, and you have to know someone to do that.

Since my students know so much, it's only fair my blog readers do as well!

Some random facts:

I sell flowers and baked goods at a Farmer's Market in the summer.  It is the best.  I get out of the house, I'm productive, I make a tiny amount of money, and I enjoy every step of it.  Highly recommended.

We (mostly my husband) keep bees. 

My favorite book is probably Mr. Blue by Myles Connolly.  Other books are top contenders.

My favorite music artist is Jon McLaughlin.  Yep, that was him singing in Enchanted.

I don't really follow any sports, so no favorites there.

I love to cook, especially things that most people buy - ravioli, ciabatta bread, ricotta cheese and yogurt, pasta, sauces of all get the idea.  I cook and bake and love it.

I firmly believe in long summers.  I'm so ready for school to start next week after being so ready for the year to end in May.

My favorite color is pink.

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